Hey guys, King cailech signing in!

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Hey guys, King cailech signing in!

Post  king cailech on Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:03 am

Hey all, I was browsing moparscape, and saw This Server, It looks very promising Very Happy

I'll be staying around for a while, so here's some basic Info about me..

I am currently 14 years of age, going on 15 in June; My name is Robert, I don't really mind what you call me, I have a lot of nick names Rolling Eyes

I am From Australia, But I am currently living in Indonesia (Dads work... cbf explaining so don't ask Very Happy)

Umm, I'm easy to get a long with, and NEVER get mad Smile I hope to get to know a lot of you, I am very eager to start playing (My Internets slow - Takes a while to download client)

My 'hobbies' include Stamp Collecting (My dad gets a lot of mail and I keep the stamps.. Nothing more Smile )

So... That's about it, What about you?


-Robert (king cailech)

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