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Hey Community

Post  1 on Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:26 pm

Hey Community,
Before I go on with my post, I'd like to introduce myself, most of you know me already, but I'm giving this to the new players (have a good time on Paradise by the way.)

Hey I'm 1 Razz. I'm your most active Moderator. If you need me I'm usually at the Skilling area, that or hanging out with my friends.
So if you need me, or need to ask anything about the server or having a problem and just need to talk to someone about it, I'm ya man. I like to help players out and show them around, I already know a lot about the server so i can answer 99% of your questions Smile. I'd be glad to help any struggles or problems.
Also I'm getting better at pking, so if you need anyone to help you out, I'd go to smallstepsup or Brendon, +1 to you small and Brendon.
If you need any help on downloading the client or helping out around the server to try to become a successful player, you can pretty much go to any players on the server.
I'd like to welcome all new players and show them around.

To all people frustrated about the server, hear me out:
If your thinking about quitting think twice. A lot of people forget to do that and i please ask you to not quit. This is a great server with great people and staff.

Thanks for looking at my post and playing this server
Thanks to Revolution and Para for the best owners.
Cya! From ya local mod, 1

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Re: Hey Community

Post  Guest on Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:36 am

Para is Main Owner, I am Head of Staff.



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