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Post  smallstepsup on Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:42 pm

old account cerealman149
Iv been working for mod for awhile now so i thinks its time i make an app.
I always help out the newcomers and been trying to recruit. IM also on alot for any questions people might have.
I am 14 and am a sponsored skateboarder. I am sponsored by ipath. I am going to be a frshmen soon and i hope high school goes good. I heard you have to shower with other guys. omg.Shocked
I did play real rs but i quit because i got hacked. I tried to start over but i could not pay for members.
I have not played other server before.Sad
be honest, say if i deserve spot or not thanks.


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Nice work.

Post  1 on Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:09 pm

Sorry about that man, My bro was on my account messing with stuff.

But the truth comes here, no lies, no paying me to do this.
In my opinion, your a great friend/helper. You use most of the time you use playing this on helping others and the server itself. You always apologize to any harm done and you never argue. Moderator personality is in your blood bro. You've helped many people struggling and if there down.
You've helped me and been a real nice friend to me from the start.
To be honest, your a great person, willing to sacrifice your time on others.
Your one of the best friends on this server i had.
You encourage others to stay on this great server after any let downs or resets.
I think your perfect for a Moderator.

From your friend, 1.

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