The Forums RULES!!!

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The Forums RULES!!!

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:06 am

.1] No Spamming.

2] No offensive posts.


4] Porn IS NOT ALOUD, you may receive a ban, not an infraction.

5] No "Bumping" continuously, you will receive an infraction for it.

6] Please post in the correct section, do not post in any random section.

7] Do not advertise any RSPS/Communities, only if there is a section for it.

8] This also records in GFX section, no stealing/leeching ANYthing from ANYbody.

9] Do NOT double post, have something to add? Just edit your old post that you made.

10] Do not make unaccepted thread names like: OMGFDDZFDZSFSD READ NAO!!!!!?!?!?!@?.//

11] Read all stickied topics in any board, before posting; making sure that you are ready to post.

12] No posting warez/infected items. Make sure you post a picture scan before posting anything DLable.

13] Do not make offensive PMs, if caught; you will receive an infraction, remember; PMs can be reported as well.

14] Do not make REPEATED OFFENSIVES, if warn for done something wrong, you will receive A BIGGER INFRACTION then usual.

15] Do got grave-dig topics, which means posting on a VERY OLD, useless topic, please refrain from it as much as you can, you may receive an infraction.

16] No flaming, which means offensive posts. Or if anyone has broken a rule, DO NOT POST offensive things to him, just simply hit "Report to Moderator" button.

17] Do not make simple meaningless posts, please provide details and information whilst your posts. Every post must be a meaningful post. This goes for suggestions and introductions, such as saying "I SUPPORSTSTS" OR "WELCMOEMSOMEOS" without anything else; is considered spam.


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