Super Admin application for 6 months from now

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Super Admin application for 6 months from now

Post  karateman on Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:17 pm

Staff Application:

What is your ingame username? Karateman

Have you ever been staff on a server before? Yes on many!

If answered yes to above what server? Tuxscape, Paradise, Paradise, Agspkz, Rapture Pkz, Paradise, and saradomin pkz.

Why do you deserve staff? I deserve staff because I am hard working. I know the rules practically by heart and respect my position as authority to a community. I try my hardest to be fair with situations. I can admit players dislike me, but the only reason why they dislike me is because I take my job as staff seriously and friendship doesn't matter when it comes to rules.

Have you ever been banned,jailed,muted,etc. on a server before? Yes.

If answered yes to above, why? I have never been jailed, muted, or banned for a fair reason. Only for a banning spree.

As a staff member would you devote hours of free time to play? I usually can play around 3-4 hours daily Monday through Friday and for weekends I could go 24/7 if you want me to.

What do you do if someone is spamming? If someone is spamming I would use the command ::jwarn on them. If they continue to do it I will use ::jwarn again. If they do it again I will jail them and talk to them in jail about why they are jailed.

Will you invite players, or just lie and say you will for staff? I will invite players and I have invited as many as I could from my previous servers.

How many people have you helped out ingame? Get them to post on your topic I have helped out probably everyone in-game at least once answering a question or solving a fight.

How many people have you invited to Paradise??? Get them to post on your topic. I have lost count of how many people I have invited.

I understand Revo that you probably wont like this application, but I want you to know I am serious about this server. I haven't slept or eaten for 24 hours because I have been looking for dupers. I am tired of seeing servers that I know have potential to go far crash and burn because of rule breakers, hackers, etc. I literately put my heart into this game and make sure it runs smooth. I would be donating like I promised you and Para, but I am in massive debt and I am willing to wait the 5-6 months I need to earn staff.

Also I would like to add this. I know for a fact certain players dislike me and I will accept that, but think to yourself when you are thinking if I deserve this position. Did I really abuse you, or did you just break a rule and are made that I didn't let you go? I could careless if you guys hated me, because I know for a fact if I was banned by a person I wouldn't like them, but think to yourself am I really a terrible staff member? Do I just suck so bad that I don't even deserve admin. I'm going to make a poll in the General Board and vote whether I should continue running for Super, or if I should just drop out and not even try to earn it


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